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Introducing: the Phantom Dual Source Charger for Liftgates & Electric Pallet Jacks

Join Go Power!  at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the TMC Annual in Orlando, Florida to explore The Phantom dual source charger (Patent Pending).

The Phantom is a smart charge controller that effortlessly pairs solar and alternator charging, replacing traditional alternator charging systems. It eliminates the need for idling to charge liftgate batteries, as it provides solar charging whether vehicles are parked or driving.

“Delivery fleet vehicles can run out of power for electric pallet jacks and liftgates,” says Sean O’Connor, Go Power’s Fleet Division manager. “That often leads to missed deliveries and expensive service calls. The Phantom keeps charging those batteries whether trucks are parked or on the move — great news for inner-city delivery operators in states where idling is illegal”.

The Phantom charging system includes several innovations to provide fleet operators with unparalleled charging flexibility and performance, including:

  • Dual-source charging that automatically supplies power to 12- or 24-volt DC sources with dual in/dual out functions
  • An intelligent charging function that boosts alternator charging voltage to charge batteries more effectively
  • On-truck charging that allows electric pallet jacks to remain on the vehicle all the time, charged and at the ready
  • Supports emergency charging between pallet jacks and liftgates

“Pairing the reliability of alternator charging with solar is a game-changer that gives fleet operators the best of both worlds,” says O’Conner. “The Phantom system delivers an excellent return on investment and also comes with a five-year warranty.”

“While the phantom works great for delivery vehicles it can also work well with work truck, and sleeper cabs, managing HVAC and APU systems,” O’Connor continues.

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