Dead excavator batteries cost you time and money.

Are your excavator batteries ever leaving you calling for a boost in the morning or becoming unreliable? Do you lose valuable uptime because of it? Improve your company revenues and eliminate downtime due to dead batteries by adding Go Power! HD Solar kits to your machines.

Why should I add solar to my machines?

Minimize Downtime

Ensure your machines are ready to work. Minimize expensive service calls that put a stop to your day.

Extend Battery Life

Triple your machine's battery life. Topping up batteries with solar extends battery life from months to years.

No More Jump Starting

Batteries charge anytime it's light out, eliminating the need to jump after periods of inactivity.

Components in a Solar Charging System

Solar Products for Heavy Duty Applications

100 watt flexible solar panel

Flexible Solar Panels

Durable and worksite tested, Go Power! Solar Flex panels fit seamlessly on cab roofs. These thin panels are low-profile and built to withstand impact up to 51mph. Click here to learn more about Go Power flexible solar cell technology.

Solar Controllers

Controllers regulate the flow of current from the solar panels to the batteries, simultaneously ensuring maximum charge efficiency and also preventing overcharging.

14 foot harness

Wiring Harnesses

Fully customizable, industrial-grade wiring harnesses include: plug and play connectivity, protective shielding and fusing to keep your system safety compliant.