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A Confidence Report on Solar Benefits to Batteries

It is no secret that interest in solar panels has grown within the fleet industry. Due to the desire for increased driver comfort and new idle-reduction legislation, truck batteries are often no longer able to meet the power needs of today’s trucks.

Pure vs Modified Sine Wave Inverters – What’s the Difference? 

There are two main differences between a pure and modified sine-wave inverter: efficiency and cost. Pure sine wave inverters are good at two things: efficiently powering devices that use AC, and powering devices like radios that can suffer from interference. But, they can be expensive. On the other hand, a modified sine wave inverter may produce some interference, resulting in a less-than-pure current, but they are less expensive than their pure-sine counterparts.

How Solar Works

It’s more than just a panel on your roof or an outlet for your cab. A Go Power! system requires a collection of components that work together to provide a complete power solution.