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Reap Significant Savings by Investing in Fleet Add-Ons

Your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, and costly downtime can be a major issue. But did you know there are ways to reduce the amount of downtime and save money in the process? Adding solar to your fleet is a great way to use renewable energy and benefit from the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

How can you reduce expensive fleet downtime?

Adding solar to vehicles to keep batteries charged is an ideal choice for fleets, It provides reliable power with minimal maintenance and zero emissions. Meaning fewer stops at gas stations and fewer mechanical issues due to idling help your fleets stay on the road longer. A solar setup in your delivery vans, e.g., offers long-term savings on fuel costs by eliminating the need to idle. Or you can operate your liftgates with a completely independent power source.

In addition, topping up vehicle batteries with solar power extends battery lifespan significantly. No more dead batteries, means you can stay on schedule and further reduce fleet downtime.

And picture the positive image that vehicles equipped with solar panels will project on your customers who want their products delivered in an eco-friendly manner! Read more on why adding solar to your delivery fleet is beneficial.

Take advantage of the ITC before incentives disappear

The ITC covers renewable energy upgrades to businesses – adding solar to a fleet is part of the incentive. Many companies benefit from a 30% tax credit by equipping their fleets, significantly reducing their carbon footprint and improving their sustainability efforts at the same time.However, the program outlines decreasing incentives for the years to come. Act now if you want to take full advantage of the ITC. Here is a quick Guide to the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Commercial Solar Photovoltaics.



As a fleet operator, you have the unique opportunity of greening and futureproofing your fleet today. Taking advantage of renewable energy means lowering fuel costs, reducing downtime, and improving sustainability and customer satisfaction – not only now but long into the future. You can also reap significant savings when upgrading your vehicles by applying for the ITC.

Want to get started? Contact us for more information about how we can help get your fleet up and running quickly and efficiently!