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DuraLite 100W Expansion Solar Panel (100W)


Ideal for charging portable power stations and expanding your existing DuraLite kit. This kits features integrated kickstands and rigid plastic handles with built-in USB chargers, and convenient magnetic closures.

Each DuraLITE 100E Expansion kit features adjustable folding legs and quick-connect ends to expand your existing DuraLite-100 base kit or plug it into your portable power station. Also included is a canvas kit bag to keep your accessories organized.    



Product Overview

MODEL: DuraLITE 100W Expansion Solar Panel


  • Ideal for use with Portable Power Stations or to expand a DuraLite-100 Base Kit
  • Sets up in minutes - no installation required
  • Built-in USB charging in the rugged plastic handles
  • High-efficiency, monocrystalline cells
  • Two quick connection options:
    • 8mm DC Barrel Connector
    • Solar Power Pole Connector
  • Folds into canvas kit bag for easy storage
  • Easy-deploy folding legs
  • 2-year limited warranty

Kit Size (Closed)- 21.1" x 23.8" x 1.8"

Solar Panel Size (Open)21.1" x 47.6" x 1" 

Kit Weight: 8.4lbs

Please Note

This kit requires a regulator to your battery. Always pair with a DURALITE KIT or a power pack with an internal solar controller.


Included with the kit:

  • Barrel Connector for Power Stations
  • 3' Extension Cable
  • Canvas storage case
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