Powering Essential Missions with Solar

Search and rescue missions are a matter of life and death, and access to reliable power can make or break a mission. Before, SAR teams across North America have had to rely on heavy gas generators to keep their electronics running.
The Texas Search and Rescue team (TEXSAR) found that pairing a portable solar panel with a power inverter helped them keep essential devices running, no matter where the job took them.
Solar panels and inverters can be easily transported to remote locations, allowing search and rescue teams to power their equipment without relying on traditional sources of electricity. This can be especially important in disaster situations, where power lines and other infrastructure may be damaged or non-existent.
Adding a solar panel and power inverter allows teams to charge the batteries of handheld radios, flashlights, can be continually recharged on site, or be used to power medical equipment, such as ventilators, and defibrillators.
Solar and inverter systems are a valuable tool for search and rescue teams. By providing a reliable and sustainable source of energy, teams operate more effectively in remote and challenging locations, and can help save lives in emergency situations.

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