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30-amp Dual-In Dual-Out MPPT Solar Controller

The Phantom is a smart charge controller that effortlessly pairs solar and alternator charging, replacing traditional alternator charging systems. The Phantom eliminates the need for idling to charge liftgate batteries, as it provides solar charging whether vehicles are parked or driving. No more idling to charge batteries; solar charges no matter if the truck is driving or parked. Intelligent charging system boosts the charging voltage to charge batteries more effectively for the liftgate and electric pallet jacks. Keep electric pallet jacks in your truck or trailer without the need to remove them to charge the batteries.

Product Overview



    • Integrates renewable energy from the sun and keeps the reliability of traditional alternator charging.
    • Dual-source charging that automatically supplies power to 12- or 24-volt DC sources with dual in/dual out functions.
    • An intelligent charging function that boosts alternator charging voltage to charge batteries more effectively.
    • On-truck charging that allows electric pallet jacks to remain on the vehicle all the time, charged and at the ready.
    • Supports emergency charging between pallet jacks and liftgates.
    • 5-year warranty.