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Phantom Nominated for Innovative Tech Award

Innovative Go Power! Liftgate and Pallet Jack Solar Charging Solution Nominated for Tech Industry Award

Victoria, BC, Canada (November 21st, 2022) Go Power! — the leading provider of solar and mobile power solutions since 1996 — has been listed as a finalist for an award for its most innovative charging solution for delivery trucks: the Phantom dual source charger.

The Phantom was nominated for the VIATEC Innovation Excellence of the Year, in the Hardware Category.

“It’s the first of its kind. We engineered it specifically for pallet jack and liftgate battery charging to make deliveries more efficient by saving time and reducing fuel costs,” remarks Sean O’Connor, Division Manager of the CPV market at Go Power!

Engineered by Go Power! engineers on Vancouver Island, the technology in “The Phantom” solar charge controller brings a first-ever combination of solar power and traditional battery charging systems aimed to reduce idling and fuel costs to companies across North America.

“Dead batteries on liftgates and pallet jacks cost trucking companies time and money. The Phantom pairs the best-selling solar charging system with a dual in, dual out charging system that pairs alternators and renewable energy.”

More About the Phantom

For commercial fleet operators, it’s critical to minimize operating costs and keep vehicles up and running. The challenges with traditional work truck battery charging can be summarized in three words — cost, pollution, and noise. Liftgates, pallet jackets, and power truck peripherals have always created challenges. These devices run on battery power, and keeping those batteries charged by using generators or idling can run up fuel costs in a hurry. And, in many jurisdictions, excessive idling is prohibited. Learn more about how the Phantom can offset these costs here.

More about VIATEC

For 20 years, the event has been produced by VIATEC, Victoria’s tech industry association, and known as the VIATEC Awards. The Gala has been a great success and considered a favourite event among the tech community and visiting guests alike. 

The awards were created to bring the tech community together to connect with each other and take a moment to spotlight and celebrate some of the year’s most notable companies and individuals within Victoria’s $4 billion tech sector, of which Go Power! is a part.