Keeping Emergency Response Vehicles Powered with Solar & Inverter Systems

Time is of the essence when an emergency call comes in. The last thing a crew needs to worry about is how they’ll get reliable power on location, or on the move. Or, whether the vehicle will start at all. 

Saving Lives with Solar 

Ambulances are equipped with equipment that constantly draws power – whether it’s in use or not. These are what’s called “parasitic loads”. These parasitic loads continually take energy from the starting battery, sometimes resulting in rendering it dead, wasting valuable time for the EMTs. Adding a solar panel to the roof of the vehicle allows the battery to charge anytime it’s light out. Even while it’s driving. 

Powering Sensitive Electronics

A power inverter takes the power from the battery and converts it to stable, useable power. Power that can be used to power medical equipment. Adding an inverter to the mobile power system of an ambulance allows emergency medical teams to quickly set up and use essential equipment without having to rely on external power sources.

Complete Mobile Power Systems

Adding solar and inverter power to an ambulance delivers stable power for medical equipment, which is often sensitive and requires consistency. Pure sine wave power inverters deliver an exact replica of shore power, ensuring emergency medical equipment is always working correctly and the team can provide patients with the care they need.
Complete mobile power systems are an economical, renewable method to save money on fuel and reduce carbon footprint, while extending battery life and reducing the risk of damage caused by frequent engine starts.

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