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Potted PWM Solar Controllers

Regulates current flow from the solar panels to the battery and prevents overcharging to optimize your truck battery's lifespan. With a weather resistant enclosure, the this 20-amp controller is ideal for industrial applications, and is compatible with 12 and 24 volt battery banks.

Product Overview

MODEL: GP-PC-10-IP68/GP-PC-20-IP68

Use a solar controller to maintain a battery’s life by limiting the current flowing into it once it is fully charged.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charging
  • Three stage charging to protect your battery bank
  • Automatically detects 12 or 24 volt battery bank
  • Accepts up to 350 watts with a 12 volt bank, and up to 700 watts with a 24 volt bank
  • Easy to read LED status: charge status, battery state of charge, and load status
  • Industrial IP68 rated potted enclosure with IP21 terminals
  • 5 year warranty