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Pallet Jack and Liftgate Charging Kit

Dead batteries on liftgates and pallet jacks are a thing of the past. The newest charging solution from solar industry leader Go Power! pairs the best-selling solar charging system with its newest component: The Go Power Auto Switching Power unit. The first of its kind, the Dual Charging System, (or DCS) was engineered specifically for charging both liftgate and pallet jack batteries. The DCS can save time and reduce fuel costs by making deliveries more efficient.

Product Overview


DUAL CHARGING SYSTEM FOR PALLET JACK & LIFTGATE CHARGING Go Power’s Dual Source Charging kit (DCS), is a solar powered energy supply that keeps liftgate batteries at a full state of charge and provides a charging hub for the electric power jack.
  • Eliminates:  Downtime,  Idling,  Service Calls
  • 2-year ROI
  • Eliminate service calls due to dead batteries
  • Works with all liftgates and pallet jacks
  • Charges pallet jack and liftgate batteries when truck is not being used

330 Watts of Solar

Solar FlexTM solar panels are designed to provide a powerful charging solution for batteries. Unlike other ‘thin’ products, Solar FlexTM uses high-efficiency monocrystalline cells that produce more power per square foot than any other flat panel on the market.  

Go Power! Auto Switching with GP-ASU

The GP-ASU ensures maximum performance and yield from all types of PV systems year-round and in any environment. The GP-ASU is an industrial Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller featuring a robust, fully-sealed (IP68) housing that resists vibration as well as dust-, insect- and water ingress.