Eliminate dead batteries and power-related downtime .

Dead batteries on liftgates and pallet jacks are a thing of the past. The newest charging solution from solar industry leader Go Power! pairs the best-selling solar charging system with its newest component: The Phantom.  A dual in, dual out charging system. The first of its kind, the Phantom was engineered specifically for charging both liftgate and pallet jack batteries. The Phantom can save time and reduce fuel costs by making deliveries more efficient.


Why add a Dual In, Dual Out Charging System to my pallet jack and liftgate systems?


How the Phantom - Dual In Dual Out Charging System Works

Solutions for Pallet Jacks and Liftgates

Phantom - Dual In, Dual Out Charging Kit

Charges pallet jack and liftgate batteries when truck is not being used. Keep your liftgate batteries at full charge, and create a charging hub for an electric power jack.

300 watt flex panels (3 x 100 watt panels)

Flexible Solar Panels

Nimble and flexible, Go Power! Solar Flex panels come in a variety of sizes and shapes—perfect for any kind of truck. These thin panels offer reliability and durability against the elements without impacting trailer height.

Split loom harness

Wiring Harnesses

Fully customizable, industrial-grade wiring harnesses include: plug and play connectivity, protective shielding and fusing to keep your system safety compliant.